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Why Does SelectFew Exist?

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Zack Holland
Why Does SelectFew Exist?

Why SelectFew?

Marketers, founders, and early teams today are tasked with a nearly impossible burden: decipher the perfect path forward for their company's unique growth strategy (within an echo chamber of data), source the ideal-fit experts, agencies, and tools out of hundreds of thousands of convincing options, and then onboard, train, pay, and manage that ever-changing system of individuals and businesses in a nimble and data-informed fashion towards efficient, profitable growth. Sounds easy, right?

Here at SelectFew, we've been those marketers. We were those founders, and we've been on those early teams. And navigating our way through the fragmented, opaque marketing industry via personal referrals, mass marketplaces and never-ending demos felt... archaic. With all of the incredible technology available to us, why are we still trusting a buddy's recommendation for an agency, or investing thousands into a growth strategy after reading about it on a random guy's blog?

So we set out to find a better solution - and found nothing. Thousands of marketing dashboard platforms and nifty ML/AI tools. Plenty of marketplaces ranking an infinite number of service providers 1-5 stars like an Uber rating. A few project management systems originally built for engineering and operations teams that had a couple of marketing templates thrown in.

Where was the end-to-end marketing platform bringing these disparate functions together in a simple and actionable way? How can a marketing team find out what other companies like theirs are investing into to grow, that is actually working? How can any marketplace help find the right experts or agencies without deeply understanding the company's unique data, positioning, and strategy? Why couldn't a platform clearly tell me which of the thousands of marketing tools are worth the staggering costs for my business in this exact stage?

The result of this messy and noisy industry is clear: too many great companies, both startup and established, struggle and fail  after wasting precious time and capital on the wrong growth strategies performed by the wrong people and agencies working with the wrong tool-stacks. Impactful products never make it to mass market. Sacrifices and dreams of founders and early teams are wasted in a perfect storm of random retainer prices, impressive demos, five-star reviews and misleading dashboards.

We built SelectFew for those teams, those marketers, and those products. One partner, with infinite possibilities. A single, simple-to-use platform to build actionable strategy informed by real data, activate the perfect-fit team of experts and boutique agencies, and receive recommendations for the right tech stack. All done in a transparent and flexible way, so that your marketing partner changes and evolves as your company does.

If you've ever felt like running your marketing operations is an impossible task, it's because the cards have been stacked against you. The incredible team at SelectFew has worked tirelessly to flip the odds in your favor, and we'd love to speak with you about creating a marketing system that is more time and cost efficient, with a higher chance of success, through data, experience, and creativity as an extension of your team. Book time with the team here.

Onward and upward.