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When the SelectFew team set out to build the last marketing company you'll ever have to hire, we knew that we couldn't just start another opaque agency. We needed to do things differently, because the marketing landscape has changed into a diverse, rapidly evolving conglomerate of individual and small specialists. Giant agency fees and fancy offices aren't necessary anymore - and clients don't need to be caught paying for them.

A Bit About Us

SelectFew was started by a veteran marketing executive, who after working at several of the nation's top marketing agencies and tech giants, started to build his own companies from scratch into internationally recognized brands, while consulting on growth strategy for a number of Fortune 500 corporations. Through all of that, he was continuously disappointed in modern marketing's tendency to take advantage of companies, resulting in wasted time and marketing dollars, uninspiring products, and constant turnover.

Eventually he decided enough was enough, and joined forces with an incredible team to create SelectFew. The core values of SelectFew aren't simple buzzwords, but necessary principles weaved into the DNA of every aspect of the company. We look forward to working with you and continually proving the advantages of the SelectFew marketing model day after day, year after year.

The SelectFew Values


Our Foundation in Trust Manifesto 

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Our primary duty as a company is to help brands build trust as we develop it ourselves – with marketing partners, internal teams, and consumers – that naturally powers long-term success. There are great businesses with valuable products everywhere trying to break through the noise, with the hopes of making a positive impact on society. Truly outstanding businesses are guided by trust that is built through transparency, agility, consistency, and an absolute commitment to excellence. 

Transparency means providing clear and honest visibility into how time and money is spent and the ways in which work gets done. It means easily measured return on investment, building trust with service partners, and employee loyalty. 

Agility means committing to a passion for change. It means allowing business leaders to scale efficiently to align with opportunities and challenges by developing a flexible support system, and by committing as a business to innovation in both operations and creative work. 

Consistency means developing a cohesive and fluid company persona. It means maintaining a persistent and unique core identity from which all communication and work product stems. 

An absolute commitment to excellence means prioritizing results for clients over profits for executives and comfort for employees. It means investing larger amounts of time, funding, and creativity than is ordinary to create an extraordinary work product, every single time.  

Trust is a mutual reliance that builds as the aligned partner produces extraordinary results transparently, creatively, and consistently. It means knowing people will be great when provided the framework and opportunity to do so.

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