Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are perfectly natural when you're talking about a completely new model for brand marketing. Answers below!

How is SelectFew different than an agency?

Marketing agencies over-hire generalists, leading to inflated rates, limited ability to adopt new market trends, agencies hiring their own freelancers and then marking up costs, and a general lack of specialization expertise. In response, many brands hire an array of specialized agencies with the intention of higher quality work and cost efficiencies. At best, this often plays out as decent project-based work done in silos, leading to an inconsistent marketing message, greater cumulative fees, and too many hours spent managing competing partners. 

SelectFew is a marketing system - not an agency - that delivers strategy development, service-specific expertise, and daily project management. We’ve developed a network of rigorously vetted experts who each execute one service specialty for our clients, ensuring you truly get to work with the best. Our in-house strategists manage and report on these specialists so you can actually get to that ever-growing to-do list. We work with you to develop the right strategy to ensure the SelectSystem is built for what you need in the moment, adding or subtracting services with agility as future needs change.

Who are your SelectFew Strategists?

SelectFew Strategists make up the core of our very lean in-house team, coming to us with experience running full-spectrum marketing for brands such as Tesla, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Starbucks, HBO, MeUndies, and other innovative companies. These strategists are experts at analyzing what your business needs, managing the projects with precision, and offering reporting and analysis on progress.  

Just as important as their brand and agency experience, each strategist brings with them an intellectual curiosity and honest desire to maintain an effective edge on the ever-changing marketing landscape. SelectFew Strategists have paid time to read, take courses, and go to conferences so they can always keep an edge and continue improving. They become an integral piece of your marketing team, because they care about keeping your brand innovative and growing.

Can I access your expert network without the help of a strategist?

Platforms like MarketerHire and Upwork give companies direct access to tens of thousands of contractors to manage themselves. However, this comes at the expense of cohesive strategy development, consistency across channels, quality control, and time management. 

At SelectFew, every single client is paired with a SelectFew Strategist, thus giving you one *source of truth* for all marketing discussions. This crucial element of our partnerships allows us to understand your day-to-day needs and build a SelectSystem bespoke for you. You won’t remember how managing marketing was done without one.

We already work with contractors - can they be integrated into our SelectSystem, or do we have to find all new ones?

We pride ourselves in vetting every single expert in the SelectFew network for quality of work, industry-specific experience, responsiveness, and over two dozen other factors. That being said, we're here to build a SelectSystem that works for you. We are always looking for amazing specialty experts, and pay a bonus to referring parties once assigned to their first project (even if it's yours)! So short answer - yes, if they pass our strict vetting process.

How does SelectFew make money?

At SelectFew, you receive access to our top-quality service experts at the exact same rate they charge other clients. We take a predetermined percentage of the specialist’s rate for the cost of managing the project, which means the cost is exactly the same to you as if you found them in the wild. You get access to amazing specialty experts, we get to effectively work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and experts get free lead generation and project management. It's a win for all parties involved.

How do we get started?

Gone are the days of generic half-hour screen shares where we review our media kit while you scroll Instagram and Slack coworkers pictures of your dog wearing a hat.  Take ten minutes and fill out our Marketing Assessment - we'll assign a SelectFew Strategist to analyze your current marketing efforts, build a preliminary strategy, and outline a first framework of experts for your SelectSystem. Together, we'll walk through your custom recommendations and make adjustments based on your feedback. If you like what you see, your SelectFew Strategist gets integrated into your team, we onboard the appropriate experts, and get right to work. The entire process can take less than 3 days.

What if something happens to our business - can we terminate this partnership?

This is one of the core reasons we designed the SelectFew marketing system. Just as it scales up quickly by adding experts for additional services, we can also efficiently and humanely scale down and remove specific services if and when needed. Since all specialists maintain contract work with their own personal clients in addition to SelectFew, removal from a specific SelectSystem may be unfortunate but won't significantly hurt their business. The result: nimble, but humane, adjustments to marketing strategy.

What is the meaning of life?

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with banana slices, powder sugar, and drizzles of warmed honey-butter syrup. Crispy bacon on the side. A rainy afternoon with your sleepy cat and a good book. Hearing a new favorite song. Leftover pizza. Llamas. And discovering the last marketing partnership you’re ever going to have to make to grow your business, and look good while doing it.

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