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Thank you for considering working in a new model that will hopefully lead to fantastic work product for clients, an enjoyable work experience for you, and a transparent and honest environment for everyone involved.

We're excited to potentially have you on as one of the SelectFew.

Here's how we can get started.

E-meet with our operations team and fill out an expert profile

SelectFew isn't an impersonal platform run by bots. We believe the best marketing is a deeply human craft, and so we'd love to meet you and understand your experience, specialties, and working style. This helps us bring you clients that actually fit.

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When a SelectFew client needs your services, we check in on your bandwidth

There is never a requirement or commitment to take on SelectFew clients. When our operations team finds a potential fit, we'll send over a Potential Client Brief that outlines the client and details of the project.

If it's a good fit, we add you to the strategist's team and we all get to work

Remember how much time and energy was spent managing clients day-to-day? The client that has constant questions. The team that is always creating insane deadlines. Working with SelectFew takes that off of your plate, as the account's strategist acts as everyone's point of contact, managing the clients so that you can focus on doing great work. They're in your corner, as is the entire SelectFew team.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is SelectFew different than an agency?

Marketing agencies depend on charging high retainer fees, and using a small amount of those retainers to fulfill client services; because their profit margin comes from the difference. This system leads to having to white-label freelancers instead of empowering them to work as themselves, and marking up services as much as possible to cover high overhead costs.

SelectFew is a marketing company - not an agency - that delivers strategy development and daily project management to clients, while allowing freelance pros to excel in their own specialties.

We work extremely hard to maintain a network of vetted professional freelancers, matching you with clients and projects that match the type and size of client that you love to work with when your bandwidth allows. Our in-house strategists manage the client day-to-day, so that you can actually just focus on what you love.

What is a SelectFew Strategist?

SelectFew Strategists make up the core of our very lean in-house team, coming to us with experience running marketing operations for notable brands, creative agencies, and performance marketing groups. These strategists are experts at analyzing business needs, managing the projects with precision, and offering you support.  

Just as important as their brand and agency experience, each strategist brings with them an intellectual curiosity and honest desire to maintain an effective edge on the ever-changing marketing landscape. They lead the distributed marketing team, by being available to support and empower each member of the system.

How do I negotiate my rates and get paid? (and all other cost and payment notes)

Platforms like MarketerHire and Upwork provide clients for small tasks and quick projects. And finding great long-term clients requires a sales process, advertising dollars, and a great deal of time.

At SelectFew, we believe to have a solution that allows clients, freelancers, and our team to all mutually succeed. Instead of simply being a freelancer marketplace, our operations team matches pre-signed clients with a distributed team of freelancers that match the working style, business type, and ideal budget of the project. The entire system is then managed day-to-day by the client's SelectFew Strategist, so you no longer have to worry about the ups and downs of client management.

Our pricing model is simple and transparent: to avoid the messy realm of infinite mark-ups, we ask that SelectFew freelancers charge our clients what they would charge clients they had to source, sign, and manage on their own. We then handle invoicing, paying freelancers out their full rate minus a standard 22% fee for referring and managing the client.

It's that simple. The SelectFew operations team will inquire about a project, and if you'd like to work on it, you simply invoice SelectFew for your usual payment amount, and we pay you minus a fee to ensure our wheels keep turning here. The client avoids an agency crippling their marketing budgets through mark-ups, and we can all be transparent and honest about our costs and billing. It's a win-win-win.

Can I work on other projects while working with SelectFew clients?

Of course, you're a freelancer! You can work on anything, work from anywhere, and work however you'd like as long as fantastic work is done for the client. Communication, friendliness, mutual support, and honesty are all important aspects of being a great team member; if you can do all of that while producing great work - we don't care what else you do.

Can I speak to and work directly with the client?

When you're working on a distributed SelectFew team, you're not a hidden, mysterious white-label contractor. The clients know who you are, and are available to chat whenever necessary. However, with a SelectFew Strategist taking on the day-to-day management of the client, you don't have to speak to them directly when it's not needed.
The system is transparent and honest, so if you'd like to speak directly to the client, be our guest.

What kind of clients does SelectFew work with?

Because SelectFew is not an agency with one narrow specialty, there isn't one single type of client that we work with. Instead, we work with well-funded companies across industries, and work to match you with the exact type and size of client that you like to work with.

Do you prefer to work with venture-backed startups that obsess over design and growth? We work with plenty of those. Lead-based private businesses that covet ROAS above all else? Check. Well-known brands looking for unique artists and marketers for national projects? If that's your calling card, we'll bring you that type of client.

The main thread connecting all of SelectFew clients: it tends to be consistent, long-term work on a distributed marketing team with well-funded organizations willing to leave their outdated agency to test out something new.

I'm ready. How do we get started?

SelectFew isn't an impersonal platform run by bots. We believe the best marketing is a deeply human craft, and so we'd love to meet you and understand your experience, specialties, and working style. This helps us bring you clients that actually fit.

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