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Marketing Team:

It's time to leave sourcing and management of
agencies and freelancers behind.

Triple-vetted US experts and small agencies, for
the right strategy, matched by actual data.

A custom team of experts, managed by your own growth strategist

Every single business is unique, and marketing needs change constantly and quickly. Our vetted network of US-based marketing experts are the best of the best at every service and budget-level you may need. The whole program is guided and managed by a dedicated and experienced SelectFew Strategist.

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Developed to be agile, transparent, and easy to analyze

We were tired of seeing good business leaders continually ripped off by shady marketing agency practices or destroying run rates with poor strategy decisions. SelectFew was developed to be completely transparent and simple in our pricing model, so that you can trust your marketing funds are being spent on actually growing your business.

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Work with the absolute best specialty experts on the planet

The best marketers in the world don't sit at desks reporting to managers - they're individual specialists and small, nimble companies that work with a select group of clients. We put tremendous resources into discovering, vetting, and onboarding the absolute best experts on earth, so that you don't have to. And when it's time in your journey for the right agency, we have those too.

Here's how it works.

We match you with an experienced strategist

Your SelectFew Strategist is about to be your favorite person on the planet. These experienced marketers are part of our small, core internal team. You're matched with a strategist who fits your business in less than 24 hours, who only works with up to three teams at a time.


Who develops a flexible system of experts for you

Your Strategist will work with you to develop a SelectSystem of incredible marketers who fit your current needs and budget (you can always scale up or down, or switch out marketers monthly). They utilize tech and thousands of internal data points and proven playbooks to craft the perfect system of freelancers, boutique agencies, and full-time hires for your business.

And then manages and reports on those specialists daily.

Remember how much internal hiring, management, and account time it required to source and manage your agencies and freelancers? The interviews, the paperwork, the billing. That is no longer the case, as your SelectFew Strategist acts as your outsourced marketing director, managing and reporting on your service experts. Billing all happens through SelectFew, so you only have one base for all of your marketing.

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Unprecedented Transparency

There has never been a marketing company this dedicated to honest transparency.

The Absolute Best Experts

There has never been a group of talented marketers assembled with this level of expertise.

An Agile System Customized for You

There has never been a more bespoke, affordable marketing system built precisely for your company.

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