Marketing Specialty Expert (Freelancer or Boutique Agency)

Are you an expert freelancer or small boutique agency that can verifiably prove that you are one of the absolute best at what you do? If so, we have clients looking to work with you.

SelectFew is on a mission to bring hope back to marketing by creating innovative and transparent growth systems fueled by authentic human relationships.

The SelectFew Expert Marketplace is a collective made up of experienced marketing freelancers who are matched to provide high-quality services for client programs. The typical client at SelectFew is a venture-backed, rapid-growth startup that looks to SelectFew to provide flexible, dependable support. To us, the marketplace is about developing relationships with the best freelance experts and boutique agencies on the planet, while routinely accomplishing great work for clients. Each project is led by a SelectFew Marketing Strategist who handles almost all of the client-facing work/project management so, as a SelectFew Expert, you can focus on what matters most: doing great work.

Why join our Expert Marketplace

Sales & Project Management: We understand how much time is spent searching for clients, so our system allows SelectFew to bring you the programs that align with your experience level, industry preference, style and compensation. So if we’re in your inbox, it's because we have a new program that is going to expand your portfolio just the way you want it to.

Compensation: To avoid the messy realm of infinite mark-ups, we ask that you charge what you normally charge clients when you have to source, sign, and manage on your own. SelectFew will handle invoicing and pay outs of your full rate, minus a standard marketplace fee for referring and managing the client. Basically, you set your own rates, and those prices are transparent to you and the client.

Flexibility: Experts became freelancers for a reason - to have the freedom to work where they want and how they want to. And we love that for you (does a commute to the office really entice people to start the day with their best self?). The SelectFew system ensures you take on clients when you have/want the business, but there are no commitments when you don't have the bandwidth or desire for more.

Ongoing Projects with Diverse Clients: We’re focused on bringing you quality projects from clients that’ll provide the challenge you’re looking for. Whether the clients are VC-backed tech, international CPG, non-profit, or nearly anything else, we’ll help you cultivate relationships with our strategists and clients so you can be their go-to Expert for your skillset.

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