SelectFew Growth Strategist

SelectFew is currently looking to add experienced marketers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets to our strategy team.

SelectFew is on a mission to bring hope back to marketing by creating innovative and transparent growth systems fueled by authentic human relationships. We’re a unique marketing company out of Brooklyn, NY that connects the absolute best marketing pros with a dynamic range of clients. SelectFew’s innovative marketing solution features an experienced strategist to plan and organize a marketing plan while utilizing our ever growing, vetted freelancer network to provide our clients with niche services. We’re the only marketing platform fueling productive human partnerships through impactful data. You can learn more by visiting SelectFew's job posting.

Our goal is to not only provide trustworthy services but also create an experience where our employees’ actions directly impact the success of SelectFew. We firmly believe in creating a space that pushes for authentic human relationships so we’ve cultivated an inclusive company culture. Regardless of background, our teammates share the same values of:

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy: We treat people like people

Supportive Collaboration: We share our wealth of experience so you never have to face a professional or personal roadblock on your own, and expect you to do the same with others seeking support/advice

Innovation & Eagerness to Learn: Startup life means a lot of trial & error so have fun experimenting with ways to enhance the workplace experience

Celebration of Authentic Individuality: Use your unique formula for success but do it in SelectFew swag

SelectFew is actively hiring those with full-funnel growth experience with an emphasis on performance marketing/paid acquisition in the B2B, Tech space, Marketplace space, and the DTC & CPG space. The role of the Strategist at SelectFew is completely unique in marketing, and can be described as the the quarterback of a client's distributed marketing team. As a SelectFew Growth Strategist (fractional CMO), you will guide VC-backed startup companies' marketing systems forward, provide detailed analysis based on data and utilize your experience & training to genuinely assist companies in their progress towards their goals. This job is for those who want to make an actual difference with their daily decisions, learn the ins and outs of many different business structures, and work daily with a wide range of individuals.

Must have legal authorization to work in the United States.

Full-Time or Part-Time
Anywhere in the USA

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